Sunday, August 23, 2009


For this question whats your opinion friends??


noor zila binti ismail said...

the goods questions!!in my opinion anyone can participate business online because business online can be someone or who participate a rich. but for information, the best participate in online business is student university, the employee and anyone but not school students. why i said that? because school students have many responsibility for manage about online business. (noor zila ismail a123068)

widy said...

hey? I want to know what are guarantee I be able to if I join online business. do my products will profitable on market? and I also doubtful to join online business because if I are invested with big capital but I do not know what are I guarantee that capital investment the safe or not. i Hope u can solve my problem and please feedback your coment.thanks^_^)

rozalini@ocha_ukm said...

Ok.. before this we talked about how to participate in online business? So, now how about who can joining online business?

For your information,online business is “non-limited” to our. Its mean anyone in this world include teenagers and the people is already old can participate. So anyone interested to make online business can joining it. Besides that, individual and any organization can do online business for them to selling their organization product.

In that case, they can selling their product to the world. Although, who participate in online business must have skill to do their own blog and web site and know about how to manage their own online business to achieve their goals.
We also can participate in online business if you, your family or your friend want to introducing any business you organize.


Salam Ramadhan and good everning to our blog freinds.For replying to question 2,my suggestion is everyone can participate on online business.But i have a few way about how to participate to online business.

The first way is a person must be refer to autority of online business.For example, someone should go to the seminar about online business.At least, this way can provite we knowledge and skill to participate in online business.

Beside that, we also need to know basic knowledge of business online, such as we must know formula to doing promote for convincing customers about our product.

That all my suggestion. I hope my friend read and comment about my post.Thanks.....


hello widi....i like your first, i also think about this.but when my friends and i discuss this topic, we are got many information and now i believed with online business.
for me, to get success in business world, i think we must brave bearing risk and than believe what we doing.i guarantee, with join online business, we can get easy more income if a person have knowledge about this.
why i said that?it's because, i see many people already success with join business online.

nur hidayah said...

Everyone can join it. Especially, student, house wife and who else want to make this a part time work. Some people can say, “It’s an easy work, you don’t have an office and wearing an office clothes or formal clothes”. I think this is a suitable work for handicapped. It can be a income to them. Easy money to get, just give they knowledge about online business.(hidayah A122985)