Sunday, August 23, 2009

how to participate a online business

I read one discussion at website from Zamri Nanyan.He said, about how to participate a online business or make a money from that. Firstly , built a website, have a domain name, and create a account click bank. If you want to get a point to the right path and want a knowledge about online business you can get a e-book “online profil made simple”. It’s a simple guide for a freshmen and who’s want to join guys, did you have another opinion about how to participate??


rozalini@ocha_ukm said...

Actually, my brother-in-law also doing online business.He selling the fire extinguish gases to other town but only in our country.
He also have website to interact with his partnerships or customers. It easy for his to know about what the customer want.
He told me that to doing online business should have knowledge about using technology especially computer skill...
When at the first time he participate in online business, he have a seminar at Ipoh, Perak. He was learned about computer skill, do website, how to manage their organization and many more.So, he said to in seminar he was learned many about how to participate in online business and have reading many books to know about online business..


hey..when i read your post, i think so easy to participate in business online..but honestly i still unsure with this business.
it is because, many people talked, not easy a person to success if not hardworking...seriously i not know about online business.
anyway, i hope what you read is true because after graduate, i think i want join online business to get more income..hehehe..

Anonymous said...

your post also encourage me to start online business.
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