Wednesday, July 22, 2009

my opinion about online business

Hello my friends... This topic is very nice to discuss in our blog.. To ocha, i agree about your suggestion.. For me,online business is the programme to buy and sell in enternet without meet another client.Online business is usually disclosed through electronic media like computer.This business is very fast, efective and save the time expecially to client. For example, when they want buy something, their should not get out home. It is because in online business, the clients can see,buy and than paying the product with just by email or fax to seller.. I think, this business is good to future time increasingly challenging.


Erm.. just thinking.. online business?? It's of course using electronic media to sell or give information about product.. For example, internet.. From internet, the people can do business better and faster.. Beside that, when the people want to buy something, his/her like they can buy by send e-mail, fax and others.. From using internet they can communicate with each other to get anything their want.. So, what your opinion my friend ???

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

my self

My name is Nur Hidayah binti Mamat and I from Kemaman, Terengganu. I’m studying geography. The course last three year and I’m enjoying it a lot. My hobby is a watching movie, reading and listen the music. I love to do that. I live at hostel with my roommate. She’s from Johor.I have 7 siblings, 3 sister and 4 brother.i can speak Malay very well but I’m so week in English. But now I’m learn English to improve that because I want to speak very well in English. After I graduate, I want to continue my studying in Master at United Kingdom. I want to be a lecture but my parents wants me to be a teacher. I hope I one day my dream will be come true. (A122985)

Monday, July 20, 2009


my name is noor zila bt ismail. i come from terengganu. i have big family. i like my family because very hapening. i have 11 siblings, 7 boys and 4 girls. in 7 boys have 4 brother and 3 younger brother while in 4 girl i have a twins sisters,younger sister and me.
firstly about me, is a happy girl and like smile with others and any people. at ukm my major is geography. i like this courses because i love enviroment and forest. but in this case i like also english because i very law in english.
besides that i have a big ambitions. i like job as lecturer or enviroment officer but my mum like me as a teacher. i hope i will i succes in university and then my mum will happy with me


Firstly,my name is Norhudayati Binti Abdul Ghani..Huda for short..I'm 21 years old..I'm come from Kemaman Terengganu..But now i live at UKM,Bangi Selangor...At UKM, i live at Kolej Keris Mas...I studying at Faculty Social Science and Humanities (FSSK)...My ambition is teacher or bussineswoman..If i free, i like playing badminton with friend at our kolej...

About my family, i came from a big family..I have 12 siblings it's 7 boys and than 5 girls...I love my family expecially for my mother and my father...My family is very sporting and we are always happy our life....But now, i really miss my familys....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

LeT's Kn0w Me~)


Hye.. to you all..

Firstly, my name is Rozalini Binti Rahmani.. Just call me ocha.. I'm from Hulu Bernam, Selangor..

I'm studying Geography at Faculty Social Science & Humanities..

I have 4 siblings( all girls).. I'm the youngest in my family n for those who doesn't know only me not marry.. hehe
My hobbies are shopping, tourist, singing & photography....hehe..