Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Erm.. just thinking.. online business?? It's of course using electronic media to sell or give information about product.. For example, internet.. From internet, the people can do business better and faster.. Beside that, when the people want to buy something, his/her like they can buy by send e-mail, fax and others.. From using internet they can communicate with each other to get anything their want.. So, what your opinion my friend ???


nur hidayah said...

online business, urm i think this a good job to get the money. everyone can sell and buy without to meet each other. just check and clik and you can get what do you want. where a ever you are, a home , office or public place you can get that, but i not clear about delivery?? how costumer get to the product?? they go to the house/office or something what??

noor zila ismail said...

online business? fuhh!!! interesting title this blog! for me,online business can make money because we can click only fron using the internet. from home,office or anywhere. very successful business

ilias said...

salam.although this is your blog, but i also want to give my comment too..
online business is a one form of business that can make us don't need to meet a people directly..
it's mean that we just doing our bussiness via using a internet communication.for example, we are involved with the kuih raya bussiness. we can promote our product in our bussiness website. and the customer also can know a more information about our product also can become more easier because the online bussiness can we do at anytime and anywhere..

by:Ilias (A121644)

rozalini@ocha_ukm said...

it's right Ilias.. when you want something you only have to click the what you want.. You don't have go to raya cakes shop. It is easy right.. all those you want was in your fingertip..=)