Wednesday, July 22, 2009

my opinion about online business

Hello my friends... This topic is very nice to discuss in our blog.. To ocha, i agree about your suggestion.. For me,online business is the programme to buy and sell in enternet without meet another client.Online business is usually disclosed through electronic media like computer.This business is very fast, efective and save the time expecially to client. For example, when they want buy something, their should not get out home. It is because in online business, the clients can see,buy and than paying the product with just by email or fax to seller.. I think, this business is good to future time increasingly challenging.


noor zila ismail said...

i agree with online business but not 100% just 70% only. online business can make money,hehehehe.... i have experience about business online. the last sem i do the business topup online,hehehhe,,, search money guess... but i have problem because my agent always delay topup to my handphone. but,the lastly i'm happy bacause i get bonus,,, hihihihi.... online business very simple but need be careful because many people lie in online business. besides that media and goverment need do the law about business online for safety customer. lastly.i think bisnes online is good future busness in world.

David said...

I 100% agree with your opinion,its all depends on loyalty with your work.
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